One Legend of the Club talks about another - Keith Mercer talks Graham Taylor

Wednesday 1st February 2017 will be a sad sad day for Watford Football Club.
The laying to rest of Graham Taylor OBE.

I have the honour and privilege to say I was there at WFC when GT started his brilliant reign at Vicarage Road.

You will have read tributes by ex players and how GT changed them and made them into better players, I am no different.

His first meeting with the squad is etched into my head, I will never forget it, nor will the rest of that squad, I would like think.

Graham Taylor may I say " Thank You" RIP my friend & Boss

Driven and had attention to detail, Worrell Sterling speak of GT

I remember him being very driven, whose attention to detail was second to none and on a mission to being a great manager, which he undoubtedly became.


He gave me the biggest moment of my career (Liverpool at home the game to secure 2nd place) at 17 years old, amazing!


I have been back to the Vic unfortunately only for a handful of occasions in over 30 years (how time flies), but wished that we'd met and had an adult conversation as opposed to young player and manager.


He was undoubtedly a great and decent man who was loved by everyone who had the pleasure to meet him.


I'd like to send Rita and the family my sincere condolences.

Just 'In awe' of Graham Taylor

Graham was the man who offered me my first professional contract. I'll always remember the meeting we had, my Dad, who is a very successful businessman fancied the challenge of being my agent.


He was dressed in his sharpest suit with pages upon pages of notes, ready to negotiate the very best deal he could with Graham. We sat down and Graham told story upon story and had us captivated for the best part of two hours.


My Dad and I were both in awe, he created such a warm environment when in his company. My Dad didn't make a single pre planned point before Graham stopped mid story, looked at the contract, crossed out a few figures, entered some new ones and simply said 'this is a fantastic contract for you, you'll do well here'. And that was it, I agreed and signed there and then.


Needless to say my Dad never even tried his hand at agency ever again!


I have so much to thank him for personally, he created an incredible environment at Watford FC for both fans and players. RIP Graham.

I would walk through a brick wall for GT

Absolutely loved the man, I would have ran through a brick wall for him and the fans.

For seven years he took me, team, supporters and the whole community on an incredible journey from a lower 4th division team to 2nd in the 1st division and playing in Europe.


Playing very entertaining and winning football!!


It was a pleasure and a privilege to play for him and to have known him.


Very, very, sad, rest in peace great man, love you always xxxx

Jay DeMerit talks to Enjooooythegame about GT

I gotta say, not only has it been great to see all of the messages and support of the one and only Graham Taylor, but for me he will always be a great inspiration, and here's why.


Knowing Graham over 7 years of being at the club, there are two things that stand out. Leadership and community. He was someone that, even to the best of player, would bring them down to size and tell them at any time, they are never bigger than the club.


He always made sure our priorities were straight. That club engagement from administration to fans was equally important. That holding Watford FC in the highest of admiration was not only our duty, but a right we should all hold dear to our hearts. I got to wear the armband for three years. Every time he spoke to me was with respect, but also with a responsibility to the club and to the fans, because that was always most important.


#ThankYouGT for setting a great example of how football should be played and admired, with a community behind it and with the best of intentions. Your success at the club has shaped who we are. Fans, players, managers.


You set the standard, and we wouldn't be where we are without you. #RIP #Legend

Ian Richardson talks about his memories of GT and that Post Match Interview

Looking back at the time I was at Watford and being part of the Youth team that won the  FA Youth Cup and then making it into the first team and UEFA Cup are memories that will stay with me forever.


Something I will never forget is being interviewed by John Motson after the Kaiserslautern with GT along side me.   Blabbed my way through it!!.  Then Motson say to GT "What a good decision to start young Richardson "GTs response"He was my last option".


I thought Thanks for ...that gaffer!!!.


After GT says "Ian you & all those Supporters will never forget this night".How true he was. None of what would have been possible without GT signing me.


He was a great gaffer, and made Watford as it is now, everyone were really good friends, just like Cally said.


Even when leaving Watford, if you saw him, he'd still have time to chat and ask how you were, what you up to and how's your family.


A great miss to football, but nice to know I was part of the legacy he's left behind.


RIP & Thanx GT.

Cally talks about his memories Graham

Just looking back on my days at Watford. I suppose the best way to discribe it would be that it was like going on a rollercoaster of discovery.


The promotion's, finishing runners up to Liverpool, the FA Cup Final, playing in UEFA Cup, plus we had some good end of the season tours. We all grew up together, the players the fans and the Club.


All of this was made possible because of Graham Taylor he knew what direction the club had to go and he achieved it all and more. His legacy is there for all to see and whatever Watford go on to achieve, it should come as no surprise because GT had already had already set the wheels in motion all them years ago.


Thanks Boss

Neil Price talks about GT

Thought I would add a few memories to the lads who have already shared.


I joined Watford at 13 schoolboy forms then apprentice then a Professional all overseen and mounded by GT, Tom Walley they made not only a Footballer out of me but a man.


I went onto win FA Youth Cup's,  play in the Top flight against the biggest clubs in the country, FA Cup Semi and Final and the UEFA Cup

But most of all was part of a special time with special people at a special club.


In recent years GT became my friend and helped me launch the Former Players Association at the club and I got to know him not a the driven brilliant and sometimes ruthless great football man of my younger years but as a man who was kind generous helpful respectful and for that time I will be grateful.

RIP Gaffer I owe you so much.


(But I won't forgive you for not letting me wear a long sleeve shirt against Sparta Prague in minus 16 C lol )

Enjooooythegame !!!

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