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1st February 2017

Today the Watford family says goodbye to a true legend of the game and someone who has truly touched us all.


Where ever you are, let’s firstly take time to pray for Rita who together with Graham’s family and friends we will all be thinking of at this very sad time.


We will all shed a tear or two but let’s also celebrate Graham’s life and how he has brought us so many cherished memories whether as Manager of our great club or something more personnel.


We have all been blessed to be within his company and Graham we will ensure you will never be forgotten as your memory will carry on throughout the many generations of Watford FC fans.


He has been a true inspiration to us all and someone we can tell our kids to aspire too. He will remain in our hearts forever and be remembered as someone who was to me, respectful, caring and considerate.


Today we mourn but let’s smile as well as we have been lucky enough to have been part of a very special time both in the Club’s and Town’s history.


RIP Graham – You Will Be Forever Watford and Enjooooythegame!!!

The One and Only, Graham Taylor

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Watford FC says Goodbye

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  • Zoe Overing (Wednesday, November 01 17 07:44 pm GMT)

    Happy birthday John Eustace, we share same birthday date. 👍🏻

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